Activities of TCG Nepal - Tamrakar Corporate Group

Tamrakar Corporate Group (TCG) is a multi-purpose business organization involved in Manufacture, Trade, and Services.

Tamrakar Corporate Group (TCG), is the manufacturer, importer, and trader of utensils. We manufacture Copper, Brass, and White metal utensils in our small-scaled factory. We manufacture utensils as per the requirement of our clients in our factory. We also import brass and copper utensils from the various state of India. In addition to this, we trade aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, white metal, steel, and home appliances. We carry our trading activities at retail and wholesale levels. We also trade scraps of aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and white metal for recycling. We promote recycling metals to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment due to metal consumption.

Tamrakar Corporate Group (TCG), is constantly engaged in adding value to our customers through web development, video processing, graphic designing, and online marketing. We provide managerial consultancy in terms of asset and organizational management. We have assets under management and advice. We have our analysis team to selects stocks and debentures to trading and investment in short term and long term basis respectively. In order hand, we provide a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base on their requirement. Similarly, we also hold a stake over certain companies in Nepal.